J B (Northowram)

When I returned home after a hip operation and suffering from Parkinson’s disease the Occupational Health expert would not even allow me downstairs. Due to the intervention of a Physiotherapist I managed to get downstairs using the chairlift and zimmer and gradually was allowed out for very short periods with a four wheel walking frame. At this stage Alan (Passion for Support) was asked by the Parkinson’s Society to spend 3 hours per week with me to give my wife a break from caring.

Over the past year Alan and his team, with the able help of my wife, daughters and son have made tremendous progress from the early period when I was simply at home mainly in a chair to gradually improving my mobility by exercise and short walks near to home. Now I like to walk round the lake at Shibden with my PA at one side and my walking stick on the other. I have even managed to walk with just a stick but otherwise unsupported for over 50 yards.

Thank you for the consistent help from Passion for Support

J T (Halifax)

We could not possibly manage without the dedicated, caring team of Passion for Support. They have been supporting my husband for almost two years, providing a reliable daily tailor-made, flexible package dependent on his complex needs and allowing him to be cared for at home.

Being a relatively small team there is continuity of staff we know well who have built up a trust and awareness of all his needs which is extremely important as he has profound hearing problems and communication can be difficult.

They also provide respite support allowing me to take a few hours break – this can consist of staying in the house or perhaps going out for a run in the countryside or a visit to a local park for freedom and fresh air – thus maintaining a degree of independence.

Mr H (Brighouse)

My PA is very nice, they are really friendly and spent time talking to me and getting to know me. They let me do things at my own pace and help me do the things I can’t do for myself.

Mr M Clarke

I would record my thanks for the manner in which you and your assistants have assisted my father whilst his main carer has been away on holiday. Many thanks indeed, everyone has commented as to how well he looks!

Julie Stansfield, Managing Director – In Control

We currently commissioned Alan Sherwood/Passion for Support to do an important piece of work on behalf of SHOP4SUPPORT and In Control Partnerships. We were more than satisfied. The work met every objective within the timescale and was of good quality.

Mr & Mrs M (Copley)

It is immediately apparent that both your administration and staff work to a high standard. In the few months that your PA’s have been coming it has been beneficial to both of us. I get a 3 hour respite and my wife is able to get different company and conversation. Although a bit apprehensive at first, my wife now looks forward to her PA’s visit. One of the successes is the initial interviews and the trouble taken to match up the PA with the personality of the ‘customer’.

We are also appreciative of the punctuality of the PA who arrives ‘on the dot’. As you are aware, dementia is a difficult condition, both for the person and the carer and the service you provide has helped considerably.

Mr and Mrs E, Todmorden

Our daughter has progressed admirably since Alan and his team have been working with her. We have been impressed with the professional way Alan and his team have carried out their tasks. We have never been let down and we would be happy to recommend Alan and Passion for Support to anyone.

Mrs M, Greetland

Passion for Support are currently supporting my mother who has advanced Alzheimer’s, all of the staff that support her to remain in her own home are very caring, focused and punctual.

Everybody speaks very highly of them and we are really pleased with the service that is being provided.

“A contented and well-cared for disabled 75 year old”

With Passion for Support, I have regained my self-respect, dignity, the list goes on! I make my own choices, the decisions and I know that I have a PA from Passion for Support there to support me when I need it. I feel really lucky that I have this support in my life, my PA’s are great and I know that they have my well-being in mind.

The support that I receive now I didn’t think was out there in the care industry, but it is and I have it with Passion for Support.

W A Judd – Chair, Halifax Parkinson’s Society

In the current climate, it is very difficult to find providers who ‘really care’ and we are very appreciative of you and your quality services.

Kate Fulton, Senior Consultant – Paradigm

Passion for Support works alongside people and families to develop real individual support systems. Passion for Support recently shared their experiences and journey on a Provider Programme which undoubtedly challenged some traditional approaches to designing support.

It’s great to see a provider working hard to provide ‘person-centred support’, designed uniquely for each individual.